Why Choose Us

1. Our company owned professional design team, we can design different profile according customer’s demands.

2. We design and manufacture metal roof panel machines using advanced standard technology. We have strict control over the quality of the machines, our principle is that “never let one unqualified Machine leave our factory”.

3. Our metal roof panel machines are controlled by computer, PLC display, simple operation, stable and reliable operation, durable and maintenance-free.

4. Our machines can uses galvanized steel sheet, colored armor plate or aluminum plate as the material plate.

5. Our metal roof panel machines has a long warranty and you can use it without worry after purchase.

6. After purchasing our machine, we will offer easily damaged parts freely.

7. All use of Siemens appliances.

8. Multilingual control system, including Spanish, Russian, English and Chinese.

9. Powerful teach teams with more than 16 years working experience will help you, improve design if it is not perfect before selling.

10. 24*7 hours before and after service in English, Russian, Spanish and others.

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